‪‎Gamululu Remix Short Story By Apass‬

‪#‎Gamululu Remix Short Story‬ Eddie Tech promotions

‪#‎Gamululu Remix Short Story‬

Gamululu Remix Short Story‬

‎Gamululu Remix Short Story‬

The first time I performed on a big show.
It was on “‪‎Konshens And Alaine‬” They made me perform at around 5:30 in the evening before most people came in.
The next time I was on stage with him,
i was opening as the last act before he came on. The funny thing is that on this day I was very sick but I still performed because I would not miss this opportunity, I tried my best but it was not what I really wanted, I felt like I failed myself with my performance and my voice due to the sickness but I did my part and left the stage. ” Up next was Konshens ”
A while after his Performance we met and took a picture, he told me good work that’s all he said, I told him blessed thanks and I felt happy and encouraged.
To cut the long story short.
This year he voiced ‪#‎Gamululu‬ and it came as a surprise.
He asked me what the song was all about and the next time I heard from him, He had voiced the song…… I couldn’t believe it but I had 2 Lol
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