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Restaurant Point of Sale is a new generation of restaurant management software for Windows. It represents complete solution starting from taking orders from clients and ending with billing and tax reports. User interface is carefully optimized for high speed entering of client orders and preventing mistakes from waiters. For managers it represents rich set of reports that shows whole picture about restaurant operations and life cycles: menus consumption, frequency of reservations, hours of high restaurant load, busiest tables, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic
tax calculations. It’s specially designed for using on multiple computers and it has reliable security authorization levels. Program can be setupfor any currencies: USD, Euro and with possibility to collect custom tax and tips rates or no tax/tips at all. Payments can be made in cash, credit cards or checks. Layouts of bills any can be customized. The
software radically improves serving speed by standardizing whole restaurant management process. It’s easy to install and start to use. Very affordable pricing allows this software to spread not only in large chains, but also in small family-based restaurants or fast foods.For information call: +971 553 917652


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