Sensational Nigerian Afro-pop singer, a talented vocalist who has got  the ability to get people on their  feet with her amazing lyrics/songwriting.


ACTIVE 2013 – Till Date
BORN January 22, 1997 in Lagos, Nigeria
GENRE  Afro-pop,  RnB
STYLES    Club/ Dance


Lettie Moore, whose names are Ogochukwu  Joy Ogbajiogu, hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Abia state, the singer was born in Lagos Nigeria, and also grew up there  with a very large part of her family. Lettie’s music started as a child, she comes from a religious Christian family so she always found herself in choir meetings or practice at the age of 5, At the age of 8, she was the teenage choir leader in her church, down to high school, she was always involved in one music activity or another, it had become a very huge part of her life, she started writing songs at age 11 and since then songwriting has also been a huge part of her life and growing career.

The first child of four graduated high school in 2012 and gained admission into Kampala international University in August 2013, and that was when her music career started taking up, she joined a  gospel group  called x-exceptionals in December and released their first single in 2014 called On top of the rock, the song  caught a lot of attention in 2014  as it got people dancing , however, the group didn’t last long as it dissolved that same year,  however Lettie didn’t give up on her music dreams, she still continued working and in December 2014 she released her first single titled Dance(egwu), the song got the attention of Uganda and then the spotlight focused on her, in 2015 Lettie has been making music like never before, she released a dancehall track “Fine boy” which was produced by award-winning Ugandan gospel artist and producer Morgan Isaac , she has also done a collaboration with artists like Msong, Morgan Isaac, to mention a few, she has released a  hot afro-pop single currently making waves titled Stay with me, she works with the amazing dancers from Tapout entertainment  as she  also one herself, she has choreographed a few performances.









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