Pallaso Biography

Pallaso Biography

Pallaso Biography – Pius Mayanja is the name given at birth to this dynamic performer known as Pallaso who was born in Kampala, Uganda Africa. During his childhood years Pius(Pallaso) experienced things many people in general couldn’t even imagine and it demonstrates his determination to make it as an artist in the music business. There was rampant theft, murder, rape and kidnapping going on within the city and country itself but this did not deter Pallaso from “going after his dreams.”

Growing up in Uganda he witnessed violence in his daily life and his family was targeted by rebels, who rummaged through the home assaulting the boys and molesting the female family members- in their quest for financial gains.

Pallaso has had to deal with many hardships in his lifetime, but never allows that to affect his outlook on life or his positive attitude. He named himself Pius Lizard when he was signed to the Leone Island Recording Company owned by his brother CEO Dr Jose Chameleone. At that time all the artists were named after a reptile that joined the company.

Considered to be shy while offstage, he however transforms into a whole different person, ready to give the audience more than their money’s worth. Pius had released many songs through the Leone Island label that were constantly played on major radio and television stations throughout East Africa.

He has toured several East African countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Coming to America with MTV Africa to headline at the UNAA convention in New York City. Pius decided yet that even though his brothers had flourishing careers in Africa that if he could make it here, he could make in any where.

He stepped out on his own to an unknown land for the American Dream. Soon after an American manager noticed him and booked him for shows all over the United States. However that manager soon suffered some personal set backs leaving Pius stranded in the U.S. and he had to figure out a way to make it on his own- and he did. He worked many odd jobs to foster and support his aspirations and has continued to prosper while going through the hardships.

Pius happened upon a chanced connection with some gangster rappers from the south who had a studio in Maine. As he approached-them with his love of music and interest in recording, speaking English that was barely understandable, he was not taken seriously. Ten minutes later after hearing him perform they saw his amazing talent and welcomed him to perform with them. He then became big on MySpace and a favorite of MAINES Rap! Morre about Pallaso click here


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