Samaki Kawuki Biography

Am called Samaki Kawuki a rapper from Bwongo Squad Balenzi Kyekimu Entertainment. Baava Wanzigotta Omubali Negulya omuntu. Kizibwe wa Mercenaveli 33 Bwongo .

I was born in 1997/7/september.My mother is called NAKANDI ZAITUNI and my father is called MUGERWA Livingstone ( Kituwa)

They both based in South Africa. I am a second born in our family and my elder sister is called NAMULI JULIET and am followed by NASSALI JOANITAH,NANTONGO QUEEN,ADRIAN…..(little Bobosa) the last.

I was born in Kampala city and it is where I grew up from.I started music in P:3 in 2008 and I was inspired by my cuisine brother M33 Bwongo. I joined his group (BWONGO SQUAD ) and he taught me many things which I didn’t new in music. He introduced me to some big producers and musicians in Uganda eg. Rinex Pro. NIC Pro and Wannie Pro…,

He also introduced me to Feffe Bussy aka “The smallest Rapper”,Rabadaba,Sweet Kid e.t.c

I recorded my first track with him called BIKKULA’KABATI which was produced by NIC PRO. In D records.

I went back and I recorded BWETUKUBWA . Support and Love my music and a lot more is coming




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