Ziza Bafana Biography

Ziza Bafana Biography

Ziza Bafana Biography – “He rants like Rasta Rob, raps like Ragga Dee, preaches like Chameleone with the swagg of Bobi Wine.”

No one better describes singer Richard Kasendwa, alias Ziza Bafana, than one of his Facebook fans, who has just listened to his latest single, Guluma Nasomye. The fan further crowns Bafana as “the Paul Kafeero of ragga.”
“Dude’s Luganda is so anciently exquisite,” he writes on his wall.
But that is one side of a man who is dominating the charts. The other side of Bafana is that he raps incomprehensible lyrics in Jamaican Patois. Very few understand his music but they still shake to it. His videos, which are usually graced by skimpily-dressed girls with dance moves only seen in Jamaican videos, have caused quite a stir.
With a growing list of controversial, racy and incomprehensible songs such as Gyayo Ntekeyo and Pomini, Bafana has developed an image of the country’s new dancehall music’s bad boy. I recently went out to hunt for the singer and we agreed to meet at Centenary park.
I had just ordered a soda at Barbeque Lounge, when he called, saying he was at Laftas.
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