Barbie Kyagulanyi inspires world again

I am a little rebel and I know it. After passing with the best aggregate in PLE in Mbarara district, secondary schools in the region stretched out their hands and lured me to join them for my secondary school. My father chose one Catholic school which I rejected in favor of Bweranyangi girls. In my senior two, Dad advised me to sturdy Agriculture. The rebel in me settled for Music. At senior six, he asked me to apply for Law; I instead went for social work and social administration which I got on government sponsorship at Makerere university. My father always respected my choices even after he had given me his best advice..The man I chose for a husband was MY PERSONAL CHOICE. On 18TH Feb. voting day, Dad as always called to advise us (me and my husband on who to vote)! Dude still gives me advice but at the back of his mind he knows his little rebel may do things differently! I don’t normally do things to please other people. My loved ones watch me in amusement especially when I make odd choices. I am an independent mind. What am I saying? The fear of what may happen should not stop you from following your heart. It’s better to make mistakes along the journey you chose on your own other than regret why you never followed your heart. Listen to what people around you have to say but the most trusted living thing to listen to lives inside you and that is your heart! On a scale of 100, your heart will give you 90% the best choices ever! Now, go on; FOLLOW YOUR HEART TODAY.


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