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November 5, 2016

Jose Chameleon has something to say

Jose Chameleon has something to say ATTENTION: Uganda got an interesting society in every business. From politics to the last part of community and its tales of envy, selfishness will never end l!! That explains why we stay behind in very ... Read More »

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October 28, 2016

Sitya Loss Kids win their first International Award in USA

The popular dancers were named the Best Dance Group at the African Entertainment Awards USA(AEAUSA) that were held at Liberty Theatre in New Jersey on Saturday evening. sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-1 sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-1 sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-2 sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-2 sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-3 sitya-loss-kids-win-their-first-international-award-in-usa-3 ( window.MSReady = window.MSReady || ).push( function( $ ) ... Read More »

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