No Date, No Problem: Spend Valentine’s Day

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Ah, February 14.

No Date, No Problem: Spend Valentine’s Day With These 20 Movies About Forbidden Love
The day when, no matter how far down you scroll through your Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram feeds, there is no escape from the endless shots of flowers, chocolates, giant teddy bears and other showy declarations of love.
Whether you’ve got a date or not, it can be a lot to stomach.
So, to help take off some of the pressure we put on ourselves to have a perfect Valentine’s Day, we thought a film or 20 about other people feeling the pressure would make for a welcome reprieve.
Research has proven that people find things more appealing when they are off-limits. It’s called the “forbidden fruit hypothesis,” which explains our deep, intense love for red velvet cupcakes. More about the story click here

So, no plans this V-Day? Or you have a date but no idea what to do? No problem! Treat yourself to some chocolate (or two boxes of pizza, whatever) and indulge in some of our picks for the best-ever films about forbidden love.
They’ll either put you in a super-romantic mood or allow you to sit smugly and feel better knowing that you’re not the one in such a stressful situation. (Juliet, just flee Verona with him!)

o here is our list of 20 fab forbidden love films. You are most welcome


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